It's the LAST "Last Tuesday...with JJJr" feat. AMBER MARTIN

by JJJr on September 16th, 2013

Y'all....It's the Last "Last Tuesday" at Duane Park!!!  It would be rude of you not to come.  Plus, the list of people I already have on that "rude" list is well.... I don't wanna get into that.

Amber Martin is hilarious.  And sexy.  And talented. And she makes me laugh.  And I stalk her.  And I can't believe we get to even be in the same room together, let alone share the stage.  

Duane Park is....well....Duane Park.  She's gorgeous too.  The food is great.  It's a Tuesday night.  It's 9/24 at 8PM.  Make a reservation for dinner.  Or come and sit at the bar.  (212) 732-5555 ... But you don't wanna miss this.  I'd say check out Duane Park's website for more info....But updating that seems to be like waiting for Christmas.  So, I'll get the word out myself!!!  (re:  If you scratch my back, I'll scr...wait...never mind....You'd never scratch my back​) 

This is our LAST "Last Tuesday".  If you've missed it all summer, you've missed out.  We're going out with a bang....(and not much for clothing!!!!)

Here's the press release for the show.....
Bring y'assssss!!!!


“James Jackson, Jr.’s ‘Last Tuesday’ Gets All Wet w/ AMBER MARTIN @ Duane Park”
 James Jackson, Jr. is back at the East Village burlesque mainstay, Duane Park, at 308 Bowery between Bleecker and Houston Streets (home of the former Bowery Poetry Club) hosting the monthly event “Last Tuesday…” Boasting some of the hottest cabaret artists, musicians, and live performances New York City has to offer, each showcased and sharing the stage with the sassy Mr. Jackson as host for the evening.
This month’s guest is celebrated vocalist, dancer, and comedic monologist, Amber Martin. The New Yorker dubbed her “a powerful woman whose heightened sense of the ridiculous goes head to head with her distinctly American voice”.  Amber currently lives, writes and performs in NYC.
In Portland, Oregon she established a new-genre musical performance group, House of Cunt, which swept through Portland’s avant-garde theater arts scene (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art) and eventually established her as an award-winning solo artist in her own right (2003 Portland Drammy Award for Best Solo Artist).
As a solo artist, Amber has created a small world of original characters, through which she shows her broad vocal range as well as her vast knowledge of music and pop culture history. If you missed her recent tribute to Laura Nyro at 54 Below…you missed out. Writing, curating and starring in her own shows Martin has been lauded by The New York Times as “pitch-perfect and multi-talented, seamlessly float(ing) between multiple costumes, personae and skits, never once leaving the stage, and carrying the calm of a seasoned performer”.
Amber has recently performed onstage with such artists as Joan Rivers, Sandra Bernhard, Karen Black, Joyce Dewitt, Justin Bond, and The Scissor Sisters, appearing as a featured vocalist on the second single off their album Magic Hour (Polydor). She was also featured in Jonathan Caouette’s new film “Walk Away Renee” and appeared on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice for the second season in a row.
With a band lead by handsome piano man extraordinaire Elliot Roth, and a story lead with James’ unrivaled sass this team has cooked up a brew that is bound to bring Duane Park to it’s knees once again.
Show is complimentary with your reservation for dinner and drinks!!!
RSVP for a table at (212) 732-5555 or via email at  Bar seating is also available.  Tuesday, 9/24 @ 8PM

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